• We Love Dogs!

    C.H.A.R.M. works at the Headland Animal Shelter to care for stray and abandoned dogs to prepare them for adoption by loving people.
  • Our Interior Facilities

    We maintain a clean and safe facility with good spaces for our resident dogs.
  • Our Outside Facilities

    Our outside facilites are clean and covered open space along with an exercise area.
  • Extended Outside Facilities

    We have extended outside areas to allow dogs sufficient room to get exercise and run around in a safe environment.
  • PawsFest!

    Each year we host a PawsFest on the Town Square in Headland to provide a way that owners can showcase their dogs. Read about this year's PawsFest

We are so pleased with our website which was designed by Webbering DDH of Headland.  Luke Douglas, Website Consultant, created and designed it for us gratis.  He continues to tweak the site and suggest things to us that will make it more attractive and user friendly.  The site has been a tremendous help in promoting our mission and getting us the exposure that we need.  Luke is also responsible for designing our logo.

UPDATE: In April 2014, Luke redesigned our site to be responsive for all devices whether computer desktop, tablets or smart phones! Thanks Luke!