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CHARM – City of Headland Animal Rescue Mission

NewsFlash! It is amazing how fast the pace has been over the last week. Things are happening!! Some good – some not so good.

The Projects Committee took the liberty of naming our group CHARM for purposes of advertising. Our Motto: ‘Saving one dog won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that dog.’

Without pointing fingers, CHARM was created when it become apparent the poor living conditions of the dogs at Headland’s Animal Shelter. Since the City of Headland’s budget only gets narrower and narrower, blame couldn’t be assigned. There is not enough room for them all and there is no where to walk the animals to better get out pent-up energy; this energy could become aggression since they are caged with so many other dogs. Also, these dogs aren’t totally enclosed therefore have had to endure the extremely low temperatures. Additionally, there is no established volunteer system and no good situation for volunteerism. At a recently called meeting of the group, it was decided a new, bigger shelter was needed. It is time for the citizens of Headland to get involved!

The committee will be calling on some of you to volunteer for two fundraisers in March. ‘Zumbat hon’ on March 20th and ‘Pawsfest’ March 27th. Be prepared to answer ‘yes’.

We have received a considerable amount of dry dog food for the shelter and $525 for the needs of our dogs. Also, an account has been set up at Walden Pond Animal Clinic (693-5545) for donors to deposit money for the ongoing care of our dogs. If you call, just make sure they know you wish to donate to the CHARM account. At the present time, this is for shelter dogs only, not those in foster care. If you wish to contribute to that account, just specify the ‘CHARM’ account fund. Please understand that this probably will not be tax deductible until we receive our 501(c)(3) status.

I was denied. The building that I thought was available for a better shelter, has been leased. The mayor had promised to put up fencing so that the dogs can be let out to run off some of their energy, and let the office on the premises be used by volunteers. In the meantime, liability issues have arisen that might prevent volunteers on the premises. Now I am not sure whether these assurances will be a reality.

As of today [Feb. 16], we have eight dogs at the shelter. Blankets are now in barrells for warmth for the dogs. That is an improvement. I want to lift the barrells off the floor with wood braces and hope to inquire about lumber donations and will need some men to help build the braces. If you will volunteer to get wood or help build the braces, e-mail me [email protected].

I welcome your suggestions or comments. Please share this info with friends.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9th, at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Hope to see you there!

– Ann Jay, Animal Shelter Advocate

PROGRESS: Some of our efforts have already come to fruition. A fence has been put up for walking the dogs and beds are being made for the dogs as we speak. We have also started a volunteer list – call Ann me at 693-0317. Call me also if you would like to donate dog food.